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For those music connoisseurs who hear of bands before they even hit it big – this article isn’t for you. The rest of us might not have heard of The Coast but no worries, because they are quickly gaining momentum in the music industry. In fact, Mtv just named them “Canada’s Best Kept Secret” of 2008.

Despite all the hype and publicity this band has been receiving lately, they are pretty chill guys. Their music could also be described as chill with some strong instrumentals thrown in. “It’s always difficult to describe our music, but I’d say it’s high-energy with a lot of percussion and drums in the center of our music,” Ben Spurr, vocalist/guitarist, says.

The Coast’s latest album Expatriate was recently released on August 19th in the U.S., launching them on a world-wide tour to such places as Paris, France and even, yes- Lawrence, KS. They’re scheduled to perform at the Replay Lounge, Sept. 19th at 8p.m. w/ Dressy Bessy.

When the band is not touring, they call Canada home. Once they get back into town, the work continues as they jump back into the studio shortly afterwards. Spurr comments “We all write our own part – it’s definitely a collaborative effort. We come to a point where everybody’s just…happy with it.” Spurr adds, “Even while we’re touring, sometimes I’ll come back [on the tour bus] and jot down some lyrics. I think we’ve got some great new songs but of course we’ll find out when we get back into the studio.”

While their fans wait for their next album to drop, be sure to check out their latest, Expatriate.

-Mike Montano

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