Wakarusa 2006

Wakarusa 2006
It’s nice to go to a music festival with 60,000 other people and not feel like cattle. Not once did I have to wait in line, and, let me tell you, lots of beer and funnel cakes were consumed between me and the rest of the bl crew.

The best way to describe Wakarusa is by watching the three videos we’ve created for you…

Hip Hop Hippie

(explicit) Jack Johnson, 50 Cent, Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, the list goes on and on…

Waka Waka Life
QT version
A little Flaming Lips, a little Shooter Jennings, and some Hurra Torpedo

The Porch
QT version
An inside look at Americana Music Academy, a local music school…wanna learn how to play the steel guitar?

Flaming Lips-Wayne blowing the giant bubble

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