Tim Kasher at The Jackpot

Tim Kasher, frontman for Cursive, is on tour pushing his EP, Bigamy: More Sons From The Monogamy Sessions. He’s making a stop at The Jackpot tonight in Lawrence.

Bigamy is a spinoff of his debut album, The Game Of Monogamy, which was released last year. Bigamy was written mostly during Kasher’s tour for The Game Of Monogamy. It tells stories of “mixed emotions, heartbreak, and adulthood restlessness, the songs range sonically from the slow-burning opener ‘No Harmony’ to the syncopated pop of ‘A Bluer Sea’ to the evocative swell of ‘Rabbit, Run’.”

Bigamy seems to take honesty to an uncomfortable level. “No Harmony” speaks of himself, a middle-aged divorcee, thinking of going to a bar to flirt with young girls before realizing he’s too old for them and how he’d be better off with a spinster or divorcee. “A Bluer Sea” continues with this theme of restlessness. He sings that “it’s a shame I can’t decide which way to ruin my life.” He goes on to say “without an anchor, I am free. Without an anchor, I do as I please” but then seconds later realizes that “without an anchor, I am a wreck.”

In “The Jessica”, Kasher sings about past heartbreak in a sarcastic, bitter kind of tone. He says that it’s “absurd to get upset” about the break-up because he “never really wanted” to be with Jessica in the first place, however seeing her with other guys makes him wonder what he was missing. The new EP has Tim Kasher’s complexity and it is strangely, because of some uncomfortable feeling you may have listening to it, good.

You can listen to “The Jessica” below and watch the video for “Opening Night.” Also watch the video for “Cold Love” from The Game of Monogamy.

Tim Kasher plays at The Jackpot with Aficianado and Lawrence’s Fourth of July tonight. The show begins at 10 p.m. and should be a good night of music. Here’s a review of a recent Kasher concert in Dallas. Sounds like he’ll really bring the crowd deep into his music.

Tim Kasher – The Jessica

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