The Fluorescent

Look at the “About” page on The Fluorescent’s website and this is what you’ll find:

a guy started making electronic music using a gameboy and a keyboard. then he got married, so he got his wife a synth too. they decided they should start a band. and they did. and this is the one they started.

That sums it up pretty nicely. The Fluorescent, made up of Matt and Carolyn Jensen, is an electronic/pop/8-bit duo. All that the married couple from Kansas City, Kansas requires to create their beats is a gameboy and two keyboards. No laptop necessary. They’ll be showcasing their talents at the Record Bar on January 25th with Paper Anchors and Samantha Clemons, another Kansas City native.

Listen to “Shot in the Dark” and their cover of Mumford & Sons “The Cave”.

The Fluorescent – Shot in the Dark

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