The Flaming Lips at Kanrocksas

We have a lot of artists to cover that played at Kanrocksas but I’ll start the “festival band” of all bands, The Flaming Lips. Friday night at the Kansas Speedway was my first time seeing them perform since the Wakarusa Festival in 2006. The show has aged well in the past five years. It’s like a festival within a festival.

Wayne Coyne spoke to the crowd before the show officially began. The Oklahoma native warns that they have strobe lights and weren’t afraid to use them. He also mentioned that he did indeed bring the bubble. The band enjoys what they do and it shows through their live shows. Coyne pleads, with his hands out, to the crowd to give more energy throughout the show, even though they are probably giving all they have already.

The beginning of their show is something, I think, that everyone should see in person. It is truly a mesmerizing display. I’ll let the video do the talking. The first video is the videoboard starting up and The Flaming Lips taking the stage. The second video features Wayne crowd-surfing in his bubble and festivities officially beginning with confetti and balloons. Enjoy.




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