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Josh Grier and his group Tapes ‘N Tapes have had the kind of year be-spectacled, literate indie bands dream about. Tapes were a little-known outfit recording and gigging in Minneapolis. But when songs like “Insistor” captured the hearts and minds of fickle internet tastemakers, they took the indie world by storm. The jagged, hook-filled ditties of their debut album, The Loon, have garnered a devoted following. However Grier, the singer and guitarist for the group, still considers himself a fan of alternative music, as much as a practitioner. He talked to URGE about some of his favorite contemporary bands:

  • Plastic Constellations, “We Came to Play”

    “We’re good friends with a Minneapolis band called the Plastic Constellations. They’re just insanely good live. I really love the first song off their album Mazatlan. It’s called ‘We Came to Play.'”

  • Liars, “Drum and the Uncomfortable Can”
  • Liars, “The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack”

    “I’ve been listening to the Liars album all year. I like all of it; the pastoral tracks and the more industrial songs. There are parts that are really disconcerting, like ‘Drum and the Uncomfortable Can,’ and then there are these really beautiful passages with songs like ‘The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack.’ Having both of those things right next to each other make for an awesome experience. You can’t just listen to one song.”

  • Animal Collective, “Grass”
  • Animal Collective, “Hey Light”

    “Another band that combines the soothing and the disturbing is Animal Collective. I first got into them with their album Here Comes the Indian. When I first played it, I was totally freaked out and disoriented, in a good way. All their albums are different. If I want something really melodic, I’ll listen to ‘Grass’ from Feels. If I want to be put in a weird frame of mind, I’ll listen to ‘Hey Light’ from Here Comes the Indian.

  • Sufjan Stevens, “Say Yes! To Michigan!”

    “When we recorded our first EP, we were up in a cabin tracking it, and the only thing playing up there during that time was Michigan by Sufjan Stevens. It probably made an impact on what we were doing on some unconscious level. He’s definitely a contemporary favorite of mine.”

  • Broken Social Scene, “Anthems for a 17-Year-Old Girl”

    “We have a little bit of a band-crush on them. I got to see them a few times live this year, and they’re just amazing.”

  • TV on the Radio, “Wolf Like Me”

    “I love the whole album [Return to Cookie Mountain]; it’s so consistent. ‘Wolf Like Me’ is definitely my favorite.”

source: urge.com

Tapes N’ Tapes-Insistor

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