Rob Garza set to release Dust Galaxy

Rob Garza, one-half of the pioneering electronic duo Thievery Corporation is set to release his first solo project on Nov 06, 2007 on ESL Music. Dust Galaxy takes Garza to a new place, playing guitar and fronting a traditional band. The album was recorded in London with producer Brendan Lynch (Primal Scream, Paul Weller) and enlists the talents of Shawn Lee, Martin Duffy & Darrin Mooney from Primal Scream, Adam Blake (Cornershop), Jim Townsend (the People’s Revolutionary Choir), Didi Gutman (Brazilian Girls), James Canty (The Make-Up, Ted Leo/Pharmacists), Ashish Vyas (Gogogo Airheart) and Jerry Busher (French Toast, Fugazi).

“What I love about some of my favorite records like “Sandanista,” “Sgt. Peppers,” “Odyssey and Oracle,” and “Sunshine Superman” is the way they drift through different musical temperaments, ” says Garza. Having spent the past ten years creating, producing, remixing and touring as part of Thievery Corporation, Garza has worked with, and been influenced by an endless list of diverse artists. “Through the course of working as a producer in Thievery Corporation, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented singers and instrumentalists. During this time period, I’ve also learned to play more instruments myself. This project finally allows me to step out from behind the control booth to continue expressing myself as a songwriter as well as a performer and musician.”

Album Track Listing:

1. Sun in Your Head
2. Limitless
3. Mother Of Illusion
4. It’s all yours
5. River of Ever Changing Forms
6.Sons Of Washington
7. Cherubim Sing
9. Down
10. Come hear the trumpets
11. Crying to the Night

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