Review: Dirty Projectors at the Granada

After many misadventures I finally made it to a Dirty Projectors show. Sure I was a little late and completely missed the opening act Wye Oak, but I did make it there for the entire set by the Dirty Projectors. I wasn’t expecting the size of crowd that had gathered, but was delighted when the lights went down and the cheering began.

Having heard that The New York Times called it “evil new jack vibe” I was curious to see if I had a Judd Nelson cowering from Wesley Snipes and Ice-T moment. The answer, my friends is yes. About half-way through the set of what @bananasuit refers to as “alien tribal music for goblins” came a song with such irregular beats and dissonant harmonies that I was suddenly right in the middle of New Jack City.

Two songs later the crowd was treated to cuneiform writing projected behind the band. I doubt anyone was trying to translate the writing as they were too busy dancing. The entire experience was surreal and over too quickly. Overall it was a great show.

-Reviewed by @Knsstxs

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