Quiet Corral: Homecoming House Party

Friday night post pumpkin carving called for a musical experience. We packed up and headed out to the Granada for the Quiet Corral/ Communist Daughter/Skypiper show.

Skypiper opened the evening as an indie band does: lots of mellow tunes that feature a bearded man in a suit, the accordion, a cello, and an upright base. The indie rock shoe-gaze in me was quite happy. Communist Daughter was up next. Did they pass the indie test? Well, they had a guy wearing a scarf, one with an ironic truckers hat, and a female singer who “plays” the tambourine…so yes. There sound was that of a honky tonk Decemberists minus all the Portland. They had some great toe-tapping songs.

Quiet Corral took the stage after the place filled up with what I contend to be hipsters dressed as frat boys for Halloween. 2/3 of Quiet Corral was sporting flannel; they were clearly a hipster band. Among the khaki pants I spotted parents to oversee the party. We wouldn’t want things to get too out of hand! The Corral boys were great. Sometimes venturing almost to Bon Iver type of music, other times staying clearly in the Grizzly Bear with a drum line vein. They chatted with their following and referenced what were clearly inside jokes. It made it feel like a house-party where I knew someone there, but they had long since disappeared and hoped the owners of the house didn’t question me too much about why I was drinking all their beer. It wasn’t until the encore that I discovered the true nature of Quiet Corral. They are secretly a Jackson 5 cover band and a damn good one.

-Reviewed by @Knsstxs

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