Q and A: The Roseline

Name: Colin (lead singer)

Band: The Roseline

Describe your sound: Alt-country super heroes

What are you currently listening to? Ghostface Killah “Fishscale”

Favorite song from this past year: The last song on the Neko Case album. Forgot the title. (The Needle Has Landed)

What song do you secretly love but would never admit it to your friends? That Angels and Airwaves song. So fucking epic!

Prince or Michael Jackson? MJ

What are you currently reading? The Invisible Dragon: Four Essays on Beauty by Dave Hickey

Favorite place to eat: Zen Zero

Favorite thing you’ve bought this past year: My Guild guitar. Well, technically I’m paying it off as we speak so I haven’t completely purchased said item.

Favorite tv show: Project Runway. Duh.

What’s your ringtone? It sounds like a home phone.

The Roseline-Shakin’ Shorts mp3

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