Notorious BIG, Skizzy Mars Mashup by DJ 21azy

I came across this last week on The Music Ninja. It needs to be shared. It’s a mashup of a remix of a remix of a song. I think I got that right. Anyway, DJ 21azy, who according to his Facebook page has been inspired by “a combination of Girl Talk and boredom”, has put together this mashup, featuring Biggie’s “Can I Get Withca,” of Skizzy Mars’ remix of Xaphoon Jones’ remix of Grouplove’s “Colours.” You follow that? No? It doesn’t really matter. Just listen to the song.

Here are links to the original song, Xaphoon’s remix and Skizzy’s remix.

Colours (Remix) – Skizzy Mars ft Biggie Smalls by DJ 21azy

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