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“See, it’s the trombone and the schoolyard backing chants and that edifying cello drone, for example, that prevent this new record from seeming in any way pompous; Ham1 isn’t Athens’ answer to The Alan Parsons Project at all. On one level, this is simply good coffee-in-the-morning music: blissed-out, inventive pop a la late-model Feelies. With this record, though, as with any art, you get back exactly what you give when approaching it; you can choose to skate along the crystalline surface of each song or dive full-bore into Willingham’s throbbing and multidimensional lyrical world.” –Flagpole Magazine article

The above is a more in-depth review than last week’s Pitchfork.

Their third full-length album will be done in March. In the meantime…

Ham1-Saluki mp3

Ham1-White Rat mp3

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