New Music: Extra Arms

Two years ago, Extra Arms were solidifying their line-up in the overpopulated indie rock scene of New York, but as the band continued to play shows and grow, something special started to be noticed by people – there was a layer of depth to this band – musically, lyrically and visually.

Back in April, the band released its first official single, “Race to Sleep”, which was mixed by Bryce Goggin, responsible for classic Pavement albums of the 90’s. The song, and its b-side, have been well-received on the local indie circuit, and was described glowingly by critics with quotes such as: Extra Arms has a truly unique style…dark atmospherics collide with intricate guitar lines and abstract vocals” and “the riffs like clockwork, the slow build up to a nicely cathartic guitar solo, the familiar-yet-fresh vocals, it all adds up to a great sound”.

The band has released its newest single “Powerlessness”, which you can listen to here:
Powerlessness by Extra Arms



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