New Music: Elizabeth and the Catapult

“The song ‘Taller Children’ is an ode to all of the adults who just never quite figure out how to grow up. On a grand scale, that can sometimes be a pretty scary concept, especially when it’s regarding people in power who can’t handle their responsibilities,” says Elizabeth Abby Ziman, Elizabeth & The Catapult‘s vivacious singer-songwriter. “But on a lighter and more personal note, I’m just owning up to the fact that I still can’t manage to cook a decent omelet- and I’m not afraid to laugh about it”.

Today, June 9, Elizabeth & The Catapult’s debut album Taller Children is in stores everywhere. Taller Children reflects the unique blend of pop playfulness and grown-up introspection that defines Ziman’s distinctive songwriting. In addition Elizabeth Abby Ziman, the Brooklyn trio also includes guitarist Pete Lalish and drummer Danny Molad.

Listen: Elizabeth & the Catapult – Taller Children mp3

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