Muse at Kanrocksas


It all starts off in the dark with a siren blaring over the speakers. Then spotlights shine through the crowd from the stage. Then you hear voices. The “Uprising” is coming. Muse kicked off the show with their song about being held down by “the man.” You would think that the lights beaming from the stage have hit their full potential. However, you would be mistaken.

I’ve never been a huge Muse fan but I was anticipating seeing their light show, especially the laser lighting. I had heard it’s incredible to see live. Honestly if it weren’t for lights, I wouldn’t have kept watching. About 30 minutes into the set I found myself mostly watching the crowd. The laser light show finally came but it only lasted two songs.

Then it was right back to me not paying much attention to the stage. Maybe it was because I was incredibly tired by this time. It was the end of the second day of the festival and I had just being in the middle of a crowd of thousands watching The Black Keys in what felt like a sauna.

They played “Starlight” towards the end. The crowd loved it and sang every word of it. When the set ended, my friends and I didn’t even stay for the encore. Although I knew there was one more song Muse hadn’t played that I wanted to hear but just couldn’t think of it. We could still hear and see the stage when we were leaving. I didn’t recognize the song that they played for the encore. However, it turns out they had a two song encore. The second one being “Knights of Cydonia.” That really hard song from Guitar Hero 3. I’m really bummed that I left early now.

All in all the show was cool. I guess I was just really tired. Here’s some video. The first one is “Uprising” opening of the show. Far away, this video is taken from far awayy. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Yes, I know it’s a different song.) The second is “Starlight.” (I got up in the crowd by this time.) The third is a snippet of the laser light show.

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