Morningwood at the Granada

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When I arrived to the Granada, Pedro and the rest of the band were doing soundcheck. Chantal was still at the hotel and had to get someone to pick her up since the taxi was going to take twenty minutes. After she arrived we headed out the front of Granada and stepped onto Mass Street. She initially saw Urban Outfitters and was ready to shop, we told her we would take the camera and shop till her little heart’s content! However, I don’t think she wanted that kind of attention in Urban. What I like about Chantal, and the whole band in general, is that they are very unassuming with not an ounce of pretention, a breath of fresh air, really. All they want to do is rock out and party! The interview went great with a couple of minor distractions: a fan holla’n at her and a guy walking down the street with a shirt of Jim Morrison as an alien.

Pedro’s interview was great as well. He had just come from La Parilla, and joked about going back for maragaritas. He talked about first meeting Chantal during Sean Lennon’s birthday party at Yoko’s apartment, and how impressed he was by Chantal’s voice. He said he wrote Nth Degree as what he wanted the band to be…in my opinion, Awesome! Another great song is Jetsetter!

Chantal and fans during the performance of “Take Off Your Clothes.”

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