Kid Cudi at Kanrocksas

On Friday evening at Kanrocksas, Kid Cudi seemed like the consummate performer. He came onto the stage doing a long-jumping skip of some sort and pumped his fists in the air before grabbing the microphone. He was ready to give Kansas City a good show.

Cudi opened with “REVOFEV” (short for Revolution of Evolution), the single off last year’s album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. He commanded the stage from the opening and never relented. I think he was more than pleased with the crowd that came to see him. I was in the middle of it and the fans were definitely feeling the show. I even saw some kids, maybe around ten years old, with their parents close to the stage; all having a good time. (I found it a little odd but whatever.) This seemed to be the first set of the day attended by a very large crowd.

The middle of the set featured some old songs from his first mixtape in 2008, A Kid Named Cudi. The crowd applauded, yelled and bounced in approval of the old tracks. Kid Cudi deemed that there were “real Kid Cudi fans” in attendance. About halfway through, I retreated to take in the rest of the concert from some shade. It was about six hours into the festival and I needed a break. He closed the show with his biggest hit, “Pursuit of Happiness.” Kid Cudi delivered a great performance. It was definitely one of the memorable ones of the weekend.

Below are videos of “REVOFEV”, “Soundtrack 2 My Life” and “Pursuit of Happiness.”


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