Kanrocksas Preview: The Joy Formidable

**This is the fourth installment of posts featuring non-headlining acts at the Kanrocksas Music Festival this weekend.**

Since releasing their debut album “The Big Roar” early this year, The Joy Formidable has been hard at it touring the United States to promote it. They apparently played eight shows in five days at South by Southwest this year and they’ll perform at Lollopalooza on Sunday after they play at Kanrocksas. Also, they have a show to play in Chicago the night before they come to Kansas City. Sounds exhausting.

The band, from London, England, is fronted by the lead vocals and guitar of Ritzy Bryan. Her voice has a pop sound that melds with the dense and heavy sounds of the guitars and double-pedal drums. The music can seem to be in disarray at times but each song is always brought together to a cohesive unit. They have a growing reputation for high energy live performances and apparently Dave Grohl is a huge fan.

See The Joy Formidable play the Ad Astra Stage at 2:50 P.M. on Friday.

Here is a video of a performance of their single “Whirring” at South by Southwest (they show the “high energy” the last few minutes of the video) and their new video for “A Heavy Abacus”.

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