Kanrocksas Preview: Best Coast

**This is the second post featuring non-headlining bands at the  Kanrocksas Music Festival in Kansas City. Check the first post on Rival Sons here.**

Best Coast is an indie pop band that carries with it the sound of California. That sound would probably come from the fact that they formed in Los Angeles, California. Their music is sometimes referred to as “surf-rock” because of its carefree and easy going feel. Bethany Cosentino’s voice seems to effortlessly flow in every song.

Their album “Crazy For You” came in at number 39 on Pitchforks’ Top 50 Albums of 2010. Best Coast has been knocked on for being too simple but it appears that the group owns what it is and has a good time. They take the Stageasaurus Rex Stage at 3:40 P.M. on Saturday.

Watch the video for “Boyfriend”:

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