Interview with Priscilla Ahn

Grey’s Anatomy fans are probably familiar with her after this season’s finale. For everyone else, here is Priscilla Ahn. Her album A Good Day hits stores on June 10th. Be sure to check it out!

How are you feeling about the release of your debut album, A Good Day? I imagine it’s a bit nerve wrecking.

It’s not as nerve wrecking as it just is exciting. I can’t wait to get it out there. I just got a few advanced copies of the album in all it’s artwork glory, and now I’m even more excited. it feels like a real thing now. something that’s actually gonna happen.

What can we expect from the album? What messages or emotions were you trying to get across?

I hope that people get something fun, and beautiful, and meaningful in some way. and in whatever way. maybe it’s not thru the song at all. maybe they don’t get it, but it gives them something to think about. any kind of stimulation, or connection is all i’d ever want people to walk away with after hearing it. i really hope they just like it too! hehe. Emotions in the album: love, home, waking up, sass, fun, nostalgia, sadness, silliness…

Who have been your biggest influences in your journey as a musician?

I suppose who I’ve listened to. Early on there was Neil Young, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, then Radiohead, Sparklehorse, Ani DiFranco, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, then the Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Joao Gilberto. Juana Molina and Andrew Bird inspired to buy a looping pedal, which has been a big influence on my sound as well. As what I listen to changes, so does the way I write. What you ingest, affects what you put out, right?

I had read somewhere that your dad encouraged you to play guitar, were your parents musicians as well?

My mom was really the musician. She got me into singing for the first time when I was eight, at church. She also taught me some piano. It was her guitar that I first learned to play on. She was the one with the beautiful voice in the family too. My dad wanted to me to play the guitar i think because all of his favorite musicians played the guitar. I actually didn’t want to really play the guitar until I saw a boy I liked in high school playing one. Then I thought it was so cool.

I’m sure the move from a small town in Pennsylvania to LA at a somewhat young age was a growing experience, how has that influenced your music?

Well, I guess I had to learn on my own in my journey to L.A., that just because the surroundings change, doesn’t mean the way I write songs has to. When I first writing started writing songs, it was to learn how to play the guitar better. I quickly found it was a great way to express myself as a teenager. Then moving to L.A., you have so many people out here trying to do what you do. And you have so many people urging you to write “hit songs”. It took me a few years after living here, that writing “hit songs” is not fun to me, and it’s not real. So, I’ve gone back to why i started writing in the first place. To learn, and to express something real. My songwriting has grown and changed in its own way, but even if I live here for the rest of my life, my songwriting will always change. I allow it to be what it wants to be.

Any plans to tour soon? Any places in particular you want to hit up?

Yes, we’re in the process of putting something together for this summer. I know I’m going to Japan in the Fall, which is definitely a place I’ve always wanted to tour. I’d love to tour Europe as well. And not just the UK, like France, and Portugal, Germany, Italy….all over. Brazil, to. Just because I LOVE their music so much! That would be incredible.

Priscilla Ahn-Rain mp3

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