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Lawrence Field Day Fest 6

Jul 13, 2017 @ 4:00 pm  —  Jul 15, 2017 @ 11:59pm

The 6th Annual Lawrence Field Day Fest is coming to Lawrence, KS this July 13-15! Once again, we will be gathering the best and newest local and regional bands to rock all over downtown LFK!


Thursday, July 13

The Greenhouse Culture
5pm Philosophy of Lions
6pm Oceanside Hotels
7pm Maybe Not
8pm Luther Vincent
9pm Bloom

Jackpot Music Hall
6:45pm Electric Needle Room
7:45pm The Electric Lungs
8:45pm Instant Karma!
9:45pm The Dear Misses
10:45pm Chris Meck & the Guilty Birds
11:45pm Headlight Rivals
12:45pm Godzillionaire

The Bottleneck
7pm Lazy Waters
8pm Something and the Whatevers
9pm Bearblood
10pm Emmaline Twist
11pm Vibralux
12pm Melting Point of Bronze

Raven Book Store
7:15pm Jamil Apostil
8:15pm Foxlin
9:15pm Lance Fahy

eighth street taproom
9:15pm Bird Girls
10:15pm The Havok on Polaris
11:15pm Cave Girls
12:15pm Gigantic

Replay Lounge – Replay Records & Friends Showcase
10pm Crystal Rose
10:40pm La Guerre
11:15pm Cs Luxem
11:50pm AZP
12:30am Toughies

Friday, July 14

The Greenhouse Culture – Whatever Forever Showcase (all ages)
5PM – The Ovaries-eez
5:45 – No Magic
6:30 – Invisible Public Library
7:15 – Karma Vision

Replay Lounge Patio
5:45pm Jon Harrison and the Harrisonics
6:45pm Nick Siegal
7:45pm The Mad Kings

The Granada Theater Outdoor Stage
6pm Jade Archetype
6:55pm Approach
8pm She Said
9:30pm The Phantastics

The Granada Theater Inside
8:15pm X WIlson
9:15pm Sinple
10:15pm Ultravivid
11:15pm Jaenki

Jackpot Music Hall – Weepy Vision Productions Showcase
6pm Youngest Children
7pm Shitstorm
8pm The Mr. and the Mrs.
9pm Dreamgirl
10pm Pop Empire
11pm Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk
12pm Gringo Star

Raven Book Store
7pm Ryan Tenholder
8pm Erik Voeks
9pm Benjamin Kraus

Lucia Beer Garden + Grill – Datura Records Showcase
Start – 8pm
Lincoln Marshall
Bluez Brothas
Left E Grove
Meta Watt & TRS-One
Jet Moran
Tabla Rasa
Jus Wit
The Starchild
Live Vibes By: Asterales & Dan Matic
Sounds Conducted By: DJ G Train

The Bottleneck – High Dive Records Showcase (all ages)
8:30pm Sex Snobs
9:15pm BUMMER
10pm Arc Flash
10:45pm Dressy Bessy
11:45pm Psychic Heat

Replay Lounge Inside
9:30pm Vigil & Thieves
10:30pm Vedettes
11:30pm Tire Fire
12:30pm Gnarly Davidson

Saturday, July 15

The Greenhouse Culture – All Ages Punk Rock Show
2:30pm Oxford Remedy
3:30pm Boys Home
4:30pm The Bad Ideas
5:30 pm The Runaway Sons
6:30pm Four Arm Shiver
7:30pm The Uncouth
8:30pm Iron Guts Kelly

Replay Lounge Patio
5:15pm Happy Sleepy Dead
6:15pm (the)medicine theory
7:15pm Wild Eye

The Bottleneck
8:15pm Broken Arrows
9:15pm The Goodbye Sort
10:15pm Varma Cross
11:15pm Weaver
12:15pm Domineko

Jackpot Music Hall – I Heart Local Music Showcase
8:30pm Drugs & Attics
9:30pm Wendy Moira
10:30pm Stitch81Classic
11:30pm Vivid Zebra
12:30pm Nancy Boys

Replay Lounge Inside – Peb Sounds Showcase
10pm Momma’s boy – 10-10:25
10:40pm Heidi Gluck and the Pony Show
11:15pm Pale Tongue
11:50pm Cuee
12:30am Condo & Jaybird

Featuring showcases from:
High Dive Records
I Heart Local Music
Whatever Forever
Datura Records
Replay Records
Peb Sounds
Weepy Vision Productions

At the following venues:
The Granada Theater
Replay Lounge
The Bottleneck
eighth street taproom
Jackpot Music Hall
The Greenhouse Culture
Lucia Beer Garden + Grill
Raven Book Store

A big thanks to our sponsors:
TreeHouse Drums
Love Garden Sounds

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