DeVotchKa Monday at the Bottleneck

From Filter Magazine- “Devotchka may be the best band in America youve never heard of. This fascinating little quartet from Denver Colorado has made a wistful, beautifully-arranged something that isnt really an indie rock record, and isnt really a jazz record, and isnt really a mariachi/norteno (or Eastern European) folk record. Its the album you put on when you want to wallow, when you want to brood, when you want to shut your windows and close your blinds and lose yourself in the wistful tragedy of love and loss and hope and nostalgia that bubbles to the surface in all of your darker, finer moments. And though it could easily be the soundtrack to One Hundred Years of Solitude (what, with all the horns and guitars and the crooning Nick Urata), its actually more spiritually related to the darker and finer moments of, say, Modest Mouse. (Night on the Sun the-world-is ending-right-here-in-this-guitar-delay Modest Mouse, not the newly-minted disco Mouse). It makes you think. It makes you long. It makes you dream. And if you can listen to the aching troubador ballad Dearly Departed without feeling the suffocating sensation of tearing flesh from bone that accompanies any true loss, then you havent loved and you havent lost and you shouldnt kid yourself that your better for it.” -Mikel Jolet 11/19/04

Welp, its 2006 and if you went to the movies this summer you probably saw Little Miss Sunshine so you are probably familiar with the band since they did most of the score. Show starts 8pm…

Devotchka-Venus In Furs mp3

Devotchka’s myspace

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