Cold War Kids @ The Bottleneck

When I spoke to the Cold War Kids‘ tour manager, David, on Tuesday he said their bus broke down in Arizona so they had to go back to LA and buy a new one. A nice, luxourious Econo van to drive 24 hours straight to Lawrence. When they arrived they did a set at one of the local music stores, Kiefs. I wasn’t able to make it but Matt, the drummer, and Nathan, lead vocals, said it was acoustic guitars, a snare and some brushes; it was their first time doing an in-store acoustic set.

Despite losing the piano three songs in, the show was still great. Much of their music is complex, but each member played their instrument without a hitch. Nathan’s soulful voice takes their storytelling, whether it be about an alcoholic father missing his son’s graduation or a man stealing from his church’s offering plate, to another level. And, although depressing as their song lyrics may sound, a person is somehow uplifted and inspired by them. Buy their album, Robbers & Cowards, you will not be disappointed.

mp3: Cold War Kids-Saint John mp3

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