Art Brut/We Are Scientists @ The Granada

Eddie Argos so badly wants to be on Top of the Pops. Unfortunately, he won’t have his chance since the show is being cancelled after 42 years. Art Brut live is a fun, crazy riot that includes Eddie’s diatribes over the bitterness an ex-girlfriend left. Very entertaining, but anyways, back to TOTP, which was their last song of the set. Eddie noted that they never made it on the show but were #1 in Kazakhstan…and Brazil, I think.

Kazakhstan…Borat…right. As We Are Scientists were rocking out, my friend mentioned that the bassist, Chris Cain, looked very familiar to the Ali G character. Someone else mentioned he looked like a 70s racquetball player…you decide.

Cain informed the crowd that he blew it for us because of his drunken escapade the night before. One Jagerbomb too many, and his harmonies were going to be off, so a couple of songs during the set he decided not to partake vocally. I enjoyed W.A.S. and am excited for their next album…which will hopefully be out sooner than later.

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