Album Review: Cady Wire-Ten Acres

Formed in New York City in early 2008, Cady Wire is led by singer-songwriter Sam Riley. A writer of both stage-plays and short fiction, Riley formed Cady Wire with his close friend, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Nila K Leigh. They were subsequently joined by Jon “Bear” Cunard, who had been engineering some of Riley’s early recordings. Within months of forming, the band traveled to a cabin in the woods of western Massachusetts and began work on their debut album, Ten Acres.

Funky Cold Sabrina – Cady Wire made me want to nestle up for a long winter’s nap. If I put the cd on repeat I may just never wake up. Although the music and lyrics were well written it was overwhemingly s l o w.

2.5 thumbs up

Nate-Dogg – Makes Ryan Adams sound upbeat.

2.5 thumbs up

Kelli Kapowski-Morris – Slow Ryan Adams feel, enjoyed the lyrics, very relaxing. A little slow paced

3 thumbs up

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