Ad Astra Per Aspera

If you are wondering where else you have heard the phrase “Ad Astra Per Aspera” you would be right in assuming from the Kansas state flag. It means “to the stars through difficulty.” Mike Tuley, lead vocals/guitar, comments, “the name did come from the [Kansas] flag because we liked the meaning and what it stood for.” When I think of difficulty, I do think of how difficult it is for local bands to “make it”. AAPA (Ad Astra Per Aspera) has been together since 2001 and just signed with the label Sonic Unyon this past summer. “It takes anywhere from three weeks to three months to write a song, it’s definitely a collaborative effort. When Kurt and I had our place, we’d just play all the time in our living room. We’d have jam parties and people would come over and hear us play. It was real cool.”

When asked the typical cliché question “If you could say something to your fans, what would you say,” Julie Noyce, keyboard, responds, “Thanks alot for coming to our shows for four years and always showing up.” When I think she’s finished, she clinches her fists, gives me a strained look and says in a feminine growl “Rip it up!” Tuley, adds, “Keep it classy.” Whether you like to keep it classy or rip it up, you will not be disappointed with AAPA’s unique and “rock-out” sound that keeps fans wanting more. For a list of tour dates and to purchase their new album, Catapult Calypso, check out the band’s website,

-Mike Montano

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